Center for Water and Society
Water, a most vital element...

Its presence and quality defines the success of every individual, community, and society.

“Water systems...can act as a powerfully unifying resource, so it is ironic to the point of absurdity that water education, management, and discourse are so fragmented. To truly assess water resources in their most holistic sense, one needs to include the many aspects of the hydrologic cycle, from meteorology to surface hydrology to soil sciences to groundwater to limnology to aquatic ecosystems. And that is just the physical system. One should also have an integral sense of the human dimensions, from economics to law to ethics to aesthetics to sociology and anthropology. Universities and management institutions are simply not organized along these lines; often they are fragmented to the point where even surface water and groundwater, quality and quantity, are separated out as if they were not inextricably inter-related.”

Aaron Wolf, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, Oregon State University


The Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society (CWS) has been combined with the Michigan Tech Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC). The functions of CWS are now operated through the GLRC, including Student Travel & Research grants, Seminar support, World Water Day events, the colloquium course, UN5100 Water and Society, and the graduate certificate in Sustainable Water Resources Systems.

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