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2009 CWS World Water Day Posters


Student / Poster Category Poster Title Placement
Original Research
Rabi Gywali Surface Water Flow Modeling of Kalamazoo River Basin under Current and Future Conditions 1st Place - $250
Andrew Kozich Wetland Mitigation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: Compliance with Site Monitoring and Invasive Plant Species Standards 2nd Place - $150
Meagan Harless Effects of Six Chemical Deicers on Survival and Activity of Larval Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvatica) 3rd Place - $100
Colin Casey Nitrogen Cycling in Lake Superior and the Effects of Climate Change  
Christa Luokkala Precipitation Filtration by Sphagnum Russowii from a Jack Pine Plantation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan  
Weiwei Mo Embodied Energy Model on Water Systems in Great Lakes Region  
Jennifer Mwangi Eddy Covariance Measurements Of CO2 Fluxes Above Lake Superior  
Mark Rowe Application of an Internal Boundary Layer Transport Exchange Model to Gas Transfer of Semivolatile Organic Contaminants in Lake Superior  
Matt Van Grinsven Associations between groundwater-surface water dynamics and coaster brook trout spawning habitat in the Salmon Trout River, Upper Peninsula of Michigan  
Coursework / Informational Posters
Miriam Rios Sanchez Páramos: A Mountainous Water Storage System and Its Vulnerability to Climate Change 1st Place - $250
Karl Makinen Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Coral Reef Ecosystems 2nd Place - $150
Drew Ballantyne How do changing water table levels and warming temperatures affect carbon fluxes from drained and undrained peatlands? 3rd Place - $100
Suan Balint N/A
Rungroj Benjakul Impact of climate change on coastal aquifers in Metropolis Cebu (Philippines)  
Breanne Carne Finder Keepers: The Controversial Exportation of the Great Lakes  
Katelyn Fitzgerald Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Groundwater in the Great Lakes Basin  
Jonathon Fournier Injection Well Technology  
Peggy Fox Potential adaptations by Central American farmers to expected increases in rainfall intensity as the result of climate change  
Katie Hietala Understanding the Great Snakehead Fish, Channa marulius: an impending invasive species  
Jessica Koski Climate Change and Water Impacts on Indigenous Peoples  
Kaye LaFond Water and Conflict in the Middle East  
Brian Pattullo Impacts of Climate Change: Persistent Organic Pollutants in Arctic Waters  
Laura Pavlot Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Global Climate Change  
Auriel Van Der Laar The Effect of Zebra Mussels on Lake Erie  
Josh Wickman Stream Bank Stabilization  
Hanna Williams A Global Perspective of Regional Vegetation and Hydrologic Sensitivities From Climatic Change  
Announcement Posters
Darren Throop Don't Waste It  

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