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2010 CWS World Water Day Posters


Student / Poster Category Poster Title Placement
Original Research
Jennifer Mwangi Eddy Covariance Measurements of CO2 Fluxes above Lake Superior 1st Place - $250
Andrew Kozich Sustaining Michigan’s Wetlands: Mitigation, Conservation Easements, and No Net Loss 2nd Place - $150
Christa Luokkala Comparison of three vegetation sampling methods in an old-growth riparian corridor 3rd Place - $100
Meagan Harless Effects of Road Salt (NaCl) Pollution on the Survival and Growth of Larval Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvatica)  
Cory McDonald Assessing optimal complexity in aquatic ecosystem modeling  
Ted Champagne Erosion Reduction By Air Entrainment Downstream Of A Stilling Basin  
Drew Ballantyne The effect of long term water table manipulations on the carbon fluxes from a Great Lakes Peatland  
Jarron Hewitt Phosphorus and Inland Lakes: A Tale of Two Cities  
Susan Larson Algal Bioassay Determination of Total Effective Phosphorus Loading Rates from Non-Point and Point Sources to Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY  
Rasika Gawde Characterization of Legacy Labile Organic Carbon Reserves  
Remigio Galarraga-Sanchez Estimating the melting of tropical glaciers using local, regional, and global hydrometeorological data and modeling and Ecuador students, Daniela Freile and Carla Manciati
Coursework / Informational Posters
Rita Koch History and management of Asian carp and potential consequences of introduction into Great Lakes Waters 1st Place - $250
Michelle Foy Sustainable Water Resources 2nd Place - $150
Andrew Kozich Climate Change and Invasive Species: Threats to Great Lakes Ecosystems 3rd Place - $100
Katelyn Fitzgerald Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Riverine Ecosystems in the Great Lakes Region
Josh Richardson Potential Impacts of Climate Change on Great Lakes Brook Trout in Streams  

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