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2012 CWS World Water Day Posters


Student / Poster Category Poster Title Placement
Original Research
Marcel Dijkstra Predicting Ecosystem Changes in Lake Superior Insights Regarding Thermal Structure and the Spring Algal Bloom 1st Place - $250
Aparupa Sengupta Degradation of antibiotics in wastewater using tetracycline resistant microbes recovered from an invitro hydroponic phytoremediation system 2nd Place - $150
Jonathan Ebel Biofilm Response to Nutrient Mitigation Using Salmon Carcass Analog in Central Idaho Streams 3rd Place Tie - $100
Ashley Coble Nutrient spiraling and export responses to seasonal changes in a 1st-order tributary of Lake Superior 3rd Place Tie - $100
Aqua Terra Tech Characterizing the Hydrology and Sustainability of a Water Resource  
Emily Bouckaert Assessing the Distribution and Drift of Larval Lake Sturgeon in the Lower St. Clair River  
Alex Collins The Effects of Experimental Warming and Irrigation on the Water-use of Sugar Maples (Acer saccharum) in a Northern Hardwood Forest  
Aleta Daniels The effects of peatland plant functional types and altered hydrology on dissolved porewater chemistry  
Rasika Gawde Predicting Ecosystem Changes in Lake Superior: Hydrodynamics  
Martin Hobmeier Inland Spiny Water Flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) Dispersal and Impacts on Zooplankton Communities  
Meral Jackson Wetland and Stream Restoration Effects on Hydrology, Vegetation, and Gas Flux within Seney National Wildlife Refuge  
Renn Lambert Great Lakes Tributary Phosphorus Bioavailability  
Jaime LeDuc Predator-Prey Interactions: Spiny Water Flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) and Fish  
Nicole Matthias Nutrient Limitation of Biofilm Biomass in Streams of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan  
Tony Matthys Influence of Introduced Species and Excess Sand on Habitat Use by Stream Salmonids in the Salmon Trout River, Marquette County, MI.  
Ali Mirchi A system dynamics approach to integrated TMDL policy for Lake Allegan, Michigan  
Cassandra Ott Total Carbon in Peatlands of the Great Lakes Region of North America  
Julie A. Padilla Inventory of mining-impacted streams in the coastal zone of the Keweenaw Peninsula  
Jacob Woolley - Senior Design Locating Contamination Near the Torch Lake Superfund Site  
Coursework / Informational Posters
Bethany Blease - Class poster from BL4465 Human Noise Pollution and its Impact on Marine Life 1st Place - $250
Paula Giryn Land-use change effects on the Mississippi River Basin 2nd Place - $150
Stephanie Tulk Management of Hydrological Systems near Alpine Glaciers 3rd Place - $100
Alex Bruns Lake Superior: A warming to be concerned with?
Emily Gochis The role of vegetation on the water balance of a catchment area  

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