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Wayne Pennington: “Nuts and Bolts of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development: including all you might like to know about the technology and practice of hydraulic fracturing”

Robert Howarth: “Gas from shale hydrofraccing: Environmental consequences of this new and rapidly developing phenomenon”

Moderator: Emma Norman, with
Panelists Pennington, Howarth, & Ettawageshik:

Hydraulic Fracturing Panel Discussion

Student / Poster Category Poster Title Placement
Original Research
Jennifer Fuller Developing a Sustainable Treatment Solution to an Urgent Problem: Synthetic Hormones in the Water Cycle 1st Place - $250
Marcel Dijkstra Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: Impacts of an episodic climate anomalys 2nd Place - $150
Alex Collins Inter-annual Differences in the Water Use of Mature Sugar Maple in Response to Experimental Warming and Irrigation 3rd Place Tie - $100
Ashley Coble Nutrient Limitation and Temporal Variability of Dissolved Organic Carbon Mineralization in a Lake Superior Tributary 3rd Place Tie - $100
Ben Downer Managing phosphorus loading of the Great Lakes; a bioavailability and phosphorus forms approach  
Rasika Gawde Hydrodynamics and Thermal Regime in Lake Superior: Impacts of an Episodic Climatic Anomaly  
Brice Grunert Meteorological Forcing and Cold Water Intrusions in Green Bay, Lake Michigan  
Martin Hobmeier Morphological responses of native zooplankton to an exotic planktivore, Bythotrephes longimanus  
Sara Klemm Dechlorination of PCE Contamination by Desulfuromonas michiganensis, Strain BB1 and Dehalococcoides mccartyi, Strain 195 in a Model Aquifer  
Amanda Kreuze Water Security in the Global South: The Case of Mombasa, Kenya  
Anika Kuczynski Implications and Management of a Resurgence in Cladophora Growth in the Great Lakes  
Aditya Kumar Global Mercury Emissions from Biomass Burning: Resolving the Regional Variation and Dependence on Vegetation Type  
Ankita Mandelia Modeling PCB Transport in the Torch Lake Area of Concern  
James Olson Spatial Heterogeneity of Biofilm Biomass: Relationship to Substrate Size, Velocity and Depth  
Jade Ortiz Impact of Nutrient Loading and Eurasian Watermilfoil on Phytoplankton Communities among Channels of the Les Cheneaux Islands, Lake Huron  
Rachael Pressley Questioning Karstification and Uplift Rates on the Floridian Peninsula  
Emily Sokol Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Fish Contamination: A Look at Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Inland Lakes  
John Trochta Optically distinct provinces in Lake Superior based on fuzzy logic  
Timothy Veverica Fluorescence Spectroscopy Suggests Extracellular Electron Shuttling is a Dominant Metabolic Pathway in Temperate Peatlands  
Lindsey Watch Two Phase Flow of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Tetrachloroethene in a Microfluidic Groundwater Model  
Coursework / Informational Posters
Mary Moritz The Barro Blanco Dam: 30 years of engineering and politics 1st Place - $250
Jennifer Fuller Performance Evaluations on the Removal of Synthetic Hormones by Advanced Oxidation Processes in Drinking Water Treatment 2nd Place - $150
Laura Gallagher Pseudo-steady State Evaluations on the Removal of n-propylbenzene from Water by Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes 3rd Place - $100
Jillian Broadbent, Alexandra Lakenen, Sophia Lopez, Erika Poli, Maggie Ziols
Hydraulic Fracturing
Colleen Carbary, Adam Tuff, Emmalee Bauer, Harrison Zost, Deanna Occhietti
Grey Water Systems – Feasibility Analysis
Chris Chosa, Nicoda Pratt, Michael Merwin, Tim Seaver, Zach Eckert
Controlling Invasive Species in the Great Lakes
Krysten Cooper, Colleen Linn, Chuansheng Chang, Connor Will, Erica Pincumbe
Climate Change: How warming waters affect the Great Lakes Basin
Ajinkya Deshmukh Design of Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Atrazine
Maxwell Hill , Katherine Baeckeroot,  Steven Ellingsen, Dillon Wilkins, Thomas Holmes
Desalination Efficiency Comparison for Various Methods
Kevin Madson Husky Bay Wetland Restoration
Adam Marlowe Design of Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Pentachlorophenol
Jordan Meske, Taylor Luginbill,
George Cannon,
Zachary Ackerman,
Christopher Stewart
The Interactions and Potential Hazards of Hydraulic Fracturing on Surface and Groundwater
Karen Oppliger, Brent Cousino, Jayden Spangler, Brian Marcinkowski
Innovations in Agricultural Water Consumption
Omkar Panat Design of Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of Xylene
Zhimin Song Design of Aqueous Phase Advanced Oxidation Processes for Removal of N-Nitrosodimethylamine(NDMA)
Travis Wakeham, Rahul Bose, Carrie Karvakko, Amanda Kreuze, Edward Louie, Margaret Morrison, Mayra Sanchez Gonzalez, Gabriela Shirkey
Exploring the Social Feasibility of Minewater Geothermal in Calumet, MI
Allison Wysocki, Kendra Grossman, Benjamin Klimczyk, Colby Seaberg, Emily Wolbeck, Julie Muraske, Kelsey Bland, Kirstin Brusso, Martin Gargaro
The effects of the expansion of the Abbot Point Terminal coal production on the Great Barrier Reef

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