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Peter Goodwin: “Contemporary Challenges of Sustainably Managing Large Ecosystems”

Panel Discussion: "What role will dams play in future water resource management?"
Moderator: Latika Lagalo, School of Business and Economics
Peter Goodwin, University of Idaho
Jim Pawloski, Michigan DEQ, Water Resouces Division, Dame Safety
William Leder, Copper Country Trout Unlimited and CEE
Dave Rulison, Otter Lake Landowner

Student / Poster Category Poster Title Placement
Original Research
Jennifer Fuller Developing a Sustainable Solution to an Urgent Problem: Pharmaceuticals in the Water Cycle 1st Place - $250
Anika Kuczynski Shining Light on Cladophora in the Great Lakes 2nd Place - $150
Marcel Dijkstra Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: The impact of “big heat” (2012) and “big chill” (2014) 3rd Place - $100
Rasika Gawde "Big Heat, Big Chill: Impact of climate change on the thermal regime of Lake Superior"  
Brice Grunert Hydrographic structuring of the eastern Bering Sea phytoplankton community  
Scott Hilliard Hybrid poplar site suitability and water resource impact modeling in Michigan  
James Havu Visualization of matrix exchange between surface water and karst aquifers during spring reversals using electrical resistivity tomography  
Divya Kamath Development of a computational tool to predict the degradation fate of organic contaminants in aqueous phase advanced oxidation processes  
Tanvir Khan Assessing New Dry Deposition Parameterization Schemes for ncorporation into Global Atmospheric Transport Models  
Mallika Khare Experimental and Theoretical Investigation into Reactivity of Hydroxyl Radicals with Dissolved Organic Matter in Aqueous-phase Advanced Oxidation Systems  
Aditya Kumar Impacts of Land Cover Change on Biomass Burning Emissions of Mercury  
Tony Matthys Is it Working? Using Fish Movement to Assess Effects of Small Scale Fish Habitat Restoration  
Zoe Miller Management of Combined Sewer Overflows in Cleveland, Ohio  
Will Olsen Change in Rill Connectivity and Eroded Sediment in Response to Salvage Logging on Burned Hillslopes in Central California  
Jade Ortiz Invasive Myriophyllum spicatum and Nutrients Interact to Influence Phytoplankton Communities in the Portage Waterway  
Kaitlin Reinl Modeling the impacts of climate change on water quality for inland lakes in the Great Lakes Basin  
Emily Sokol Polychlorinated (PCB) Bioaccumulation in Fish: A Look at Michigan’s Upper Peninsula  
Christopher Walkons Designing a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Copper Contaminant Remediation  
Nathan Zgnilec Friends Don’t Let Friends Swim Near CSOs  
Coursework / Informational Posters
Hayden Henderson, Brady Zeug, Derek Benoy, Kelsey Lank Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (DEWATS): San Francisco del Valle, Panama 1st Place - $250
Erica Coscarelii, Cassandra Kussow, Nathaniel Ecker, Sarah Stoolmiller LEED Certification of the Van Pelt and Opie Library 2nd Place - $150
Sarah Harttung Hawai’ian Coral Reef Sedimentation from Industry and Its Impacts 3rd Place - $100
Karen Cladas, Kaitlin Reinl, Matt Modlin
Implementing Graywater for Sustainable Water Use
Ashley Sharp, Alex Abbott, Devin Kohn, David Pogoreski, Gina Testa
Mountaintop Mining Removal and the Hydrologic Effects on Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems

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