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Lake Superior Education Program for Teachers, Students and Communities

Principle Investigator: Joan Schumaker Chadde
(Western U.P. Center for Science, Mathematics & Environmental Education)
Sponsor: Copper Country ISD (subcontract) with funding from Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Coastal Management Program
Award Amount: $6,266
Project Duration: 03/2008 – 02/2009
MTU Reference Code: 071234

Project Summary

The project has four major components: i) K-12 and community education programs aboard MTU’s research vessel (R/V) Agassiz; ii) educational workshops for decision-makers, developers, and business owners in four shoreline communities; iii) Lake Superior Educators Instructor Manual; and iv) a five-day Great Lakes Watershed Investigations Teacher Institute in June 2008. This program is projected to reach 800-1,000 middle/high school students, teachers and community members through the teacher institute and Lake Superior education programs aboard the R/V Agassiz.