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Center for Water & Society Graduate Certificate in

Sustainable Water Resources Systems

Certificate Degree Schedule - Certificates-ICSW.pdf
(from Graduate School website)

This Certificate formally recognizes students will have a set of core competencies in understanding current water resource issues and develop an advanced understanding of the problems and new technology development in their field of expertise. This certificate will be useful to students in such fields as natural resource management, business and policy, environmental and civil engineering, geology and geological engineering, and environmental policy. Students who complete this certificate will be able to demonstrate that they understand water resource management from an interdisciplinary perspective that includes policy, natural sciences, and applied sciences.

Graduate Certificate Requirements: 12 Credits total
For more information, contact:
Dr. Noel Urban ( or Carol Asiala (

Modified Certificate Degree Schedule: courses on this list will be officially adopted by the Grad School for Fall 2016, but the courses listed in this version will be accepted in the meantime for current students.

(1) Currently enrolled students can download the Certificate Degree Schedule to plan their coursework. When they have completed the required courses, or are enrolled in the last ones, the certificate degree schedule should be submitted to Nancy Byers Sprague ( in the Graduate School.

Request from CWS: If you plan to complete the certificate please email

• If you are not already on the CWS email list, you will be added and will receive announcements of water-related activities and the opportunity to apply for travel and research grants.
• We would like to keep a list of students working towards the certificate, and then we also have an idea of which students need to enroll in the UN5100, the Center for Water and Society colloquium course.

(2) UN5100 Water and Society Colloquium (1 Credit - required)

SS 5325 Water Policy, History, and Governance (3) will also satisfy the Water and Society requirement if UN5100 cannot fit in your schedule.

Spring 2016
: UN5100 “WHEN CAN WE EAT THE FISH? An interdisciplinary approach to address the wicked environmental problem of Hg, PCBs, & PAHs”
Spring 2015: UN5100 Science and Policy
Spring 2014: UN5100 Communicating Wicked Environmental Problems
Spring 2013: UN5100 Interactions between water and people
Spring 2012: UN5100 Humans and Aquatic Ecosystems: A Fluid Situation

Spring 2011: UN5100 The Value of Water: Concepts & Frameworks

Credit for the following UN5990 courses will satisfy this requirement of the certificate:

Spring 2010: UN5990 Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes Ecosystem
Spring 2009: UN5990 Climate Change and the Sustainability of Water Resource

(3) Other Water Related Courses (11 credits - required)
A minimum of one course is required from each of the following categories. Courses will be selected from the list of approved courses on the degree schedule.
  • Hydrology

  • Natural Systems

  • Policy and Societal Systems & Economics

  • Physical Hydrology and Engineered Water Resource Systems

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