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Biological Sciences
Nancy A. Auer Fish ecology, larval fish biology, aquatic ecology
Susan T. Bagley, emerita Environmental microbiology, bio-based fuels and bio-polymers, bioremediation, microbial control
Rupali Datta Plant Biochemistry, Environmental Remediation, Plant-Microbe Interactions
Casey J. Huckins Aquatic ecology, fish biology
W. Charles Kerfoot
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  Great Lakes Research Center
Aquatic ecology, predator-prey interactions, lake ecosystems, chemical defenses, paleoecology, limnology
Amy Marcarelli
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biogeochemistry, streams and rivers, ecosystem ecology, energy and nutrient cycling
Stephen Techtmann Environmental microbiology, bioremediation, next-generation sequencing technology and bioinformatics, microbial physiology and biochemistry, biofuel production
Sarah A. Green Oceanographic Institution Environmental chemistry, Great Lakes biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, radical reactions, photochemistry
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Martin T. Auer
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Cladophora, Phosphorus bioavailability, Diporeia, Lake Superior lower food web, Sediment modeling
Brian D. Barkdoll
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water distribution systems, scour and erosion, stream restoration, stormwater low impact development, hydraulics
Jennifer G. Becker Bioremediation of chlorinated solvents and other groundwater contaminants, bioenergy, wastewater treatment, biological treatment processes, environmental microbiology, and microbial ecology
Paul Doskey Environmental dynamics of climate-forcing gases, aerosol precursors, organic aerosols
Veronica Griffis
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Water resources, uncertainty analysis, flood frequency and analysis of extreme events, impacts of climate and land use changes
David W. Hand Advanced oxidation processes, adsorption processes, water reuse, drinking water treatment, pollution prevention, environmental engineering software design tools
Neil J. Hutzler, emeritus Fate and transport of chemicals in soils and groundwater, risk analysis, soil vapor extraction systems, water distribution system design
Alex S. Mayer Human-biophysical interactions in water systems, water resources management, watershed modeling, and groundwater flow, transport, and remediation
Daisuke Minakata Water and wastewater treatment, management, and reuse, Application of computational chemistry and molecular modeling
Ali Mirchi , Post Doc Water resources management
Judith A. Perlinger
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Air quality, water quality
Eric A. Seagren In situ bioremediation, nonaqueous phase liquid contaminants, biological treatment processes, treatment systems for urban stormwater runoff, use of recycled waste
Noel R. Urban
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Biogeochemistry, surface water quality, wetlands, impacts of human activities on the environment
David W. Watkins
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System dynamics modeling, Seasonal hydroclimate forecasting, Climate change risk assessment, Integrated water resources management, Robust decision-making
Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences
Suzanne J. Beske-Diehl, emerita   Paleomagnetism, rock magnetism, sedimentology, geophysics
John S. Gierke
water supply exploration and development, water treatment, remote sensing, groundwater and soil remediation, groundwater modeling, fate and transport of pollutants
Jason Gulley
Geomorphology, glaciology, groundwater/hydrology, karst hydrology/geology
Colleen Mouw
Oceanography/limnology, aquatic remote sensing (oceans/lakes), aquatic biogeochemistry, phytoplankton ecology, impact of environmental change on ocean/lake systems
Alex S. Mayer   Human-biophysical interactions in water systems, water resources management, watershed modeling, and groundwater flow, transport, and remediation
Wayne D. Pennington Petroleum geophysics, well logging, seismology, induced seismicity
William I. Rose, emeritus    Volcanology, geochemistry, remote sensing, volcano/atmosphere interactions, global change
R. Craig Waddell
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Examining and facilitating public participation in deliberative decision-making on such issues as environmental protection, neighborhood/community enhancement, and global poverty relief; and the relationship of the following to this end: classical rhetoric; risk communication; journalism; qualitative research methods
Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)
Colin Brooks Environmental Science
Liza (Liversedge) Jenkins Environmental Science
Nathaniel Jessee Environmental Science
School of Business & Economics
William S. Breffle Latent-class modeling; optimal design of conjoint choice experiments; the economics of outdoor recreation; restoration of fishing and other ecological services impaired by releases of contaminants; estimating willingness to pay to avoid marginal changes in the risk of mortality from different illnesses and motor vehicle accidents
Gary A. Campbell Mineral economics, natural resource economics and policy, sustainability and mining
Latika Gupta Energy and the macroeconomy, applied time series econometrics, international economics, inventory studies, business fluctuations and cycles
Thomas Merz Applied microeconomics theory, game theory, public sector economics
Daya Muralidharan, adjunct Water management and drainage in agriculture, Groundwater management, Forest use in developing economies, Groundwater quality externalities
School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science (SFRES)
Joseph K. Bump Wildlife management and ecology, ecosystem science, stable isotopes in ecology, wildlife and energy development
Molly A. Cavaleri Forest canopy structure and function, forest response to global change, carbon and water cycling through forests, tree ecophysiology, stable isotope ecology, invasive tree species
Rodney A. Chimner Wetland ecology, ecosystem ecology, global change biology, restoration ecology
David J. Flaspohler Conservation biology, ornithology, reproductive ecology of migratory songbirds, behavioral ecology, tropical ecology
Robert E. Froese Ecological modeling, growth and yield, silviculture, GIS, remote sensing, forest mensuration, biometrics, biomass
Margaret R. Gale, emerita/adjunct Forest productivity, quantitative ecology, root ecology, wetland ecology
Kathleen E. Halvorsen water policy, social dimensions of climate change, bioenergy policy
Martin F. Jurgensen Forest soils, soil microbiology, nutrient cycling
Evan S. Kane Soil carbon, plant/soil relationships, decomposition, dissolved organic carbon, wildfire, black carbon
Linda M. Nagel, adjunct Silviculture, forest vegetation dynamics, tree ecophysiology, invasive plants
Blair D. Orr Economics, international forestry
Thomas G. Pypker, adjunct Forest hydrology, micrometeorology, carbon cycling, stable isotopes, tree physiology
James M. Schmierer Sustainable management of forest resources
Amy J. Schrank aquatic conservation and monitoring, fish communities, stream ecology, amphibian conservation
Kenneth J. Vrana
  Isle Royale Institute
Science, education, and resource management on Isle Royale and Lake Superior
Joseph W. Wagenbrenner
Forest hydrology, Effects of wildfire on hydrological process, Erosion and sediment transport, Land use/disturbance hydrology, Mitigation of post-fire runoff and erosion
Social Sciences
Melissa F. Baird Extractive industries and heritage, cultural landscapes, critical heritage theory, indigenous anthropologies, expert knowledge, ethnographic methods, politics of archaeology
Maryann R. Cairns Environmental anthropology, infrastructure studies, water, sanitation, wastewater treatment, environmental justice, international development, Latin America & the Caribbean, transdisciplinary research
Mary Durfee World politics, international law, international management of the North American Great Lakes. I would be particularly interested in working with students who want to explore the nature of modern sovereignty through the lens of international law.
Hugh Gorman The historical interactions between science, technology, policy, and human interactions with the environment
Kathleen E. Halvorsen water policy, social dimensions of climate change, bioenergy policy
Nancy E. Langston Environmental history of Lake Superior, extractive industries and the north, watershed changes
Carol A. MacLennan Environmental anthropology; anthropology of industry (mining, sugar); Hawai`i and the Pacific; anthropology of public policy
Patrick E. Martin Historical archaeology, industrial archaeology, eastern U.S. prehistory
Susan R. Martin, emerita Native American technologies, industrial heritage, history of anthropology
Timothy Scarlett Historical and industrial archaeology, Mormons and the American intermountain West, ecobiography and landscape studies, globalization, ceramic technologies, archaeological and materials sciences
Bruce E. Seely Transportation history, especially development of American highways; history of engineering and engineering education; industrial archaeology; American iron and steel industry; societal implications of nanotechnology
Chelsea Schelly Renewable energy technologies, alternative technology adoption, sustainable communities, self-provisioning, environmental education
Visual & Performing Arts
Mary Ann Beckwith, emerita
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watercolor, watermedia art
Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics & Env. Education
Michigan Tech Center for Science & Environmental Outreach
Joan F. Schumaker Chadde
  WUP Center
K-12 Education, Teacher Professional Development, Community Outreach, Water Quality/Watershed Management, Great Lakes

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